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5 Easy Steps

Debt review is a program that reworks your current debt payments into a new affordable repayment plan. Your repayment plan is formulated in such a way that it enables you to pay for essential living costs, giving you immediate breathing space. Your repayment plan is agreed upon by your creditors (we negotiate with them on your behalf).

Once your debt review program is successfully completed you will receive a clearance certificate. This is sent to your creditors and the credit bureaus – they are then required by law to remove all the info on your credit report about your debt and the debt review program. Meaning your financial slate is wiped clean, your debt worries are in the past, and you can start living your new beginning.

Contact Debt Vision Consulting Services at +264 81 679 1048 or 81 766 0189 or fill in the Free Call Back enquiry for a free assessment.

  1. We will notify your creditors of your debt mediation application.
  2. Provide you with a budget that covers your debt and living expenses.
  3. Credit providers will send us information regarding your accounts.
  4. We will submit your new repayment plan for approval. You are required to pay the agreed monthly instalment according to your new repayment plan.
  5. Once all your debt is repaid, we will inform all your creditors. You are now free from debt worries and on your way to a new beginning.
  6. Our fee will be included in your repayment plan. No upfront payment is required.


If you would like more information regarding debt review, or request a free debt evaluation (no obligation required), you are welcome to fill out our contact form found here.

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